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Fresh Garlic

Fresh Garlic - There is no short cut. Use fresh, firm garlic. Once cut, the process of oxidation begins quickly causing the garlic to become brown and unpleasantly strong tasting so chop it fresh at the time of cooking.

Buy the largest fresh garlic heads available, as the individual cloves are easier to handle. Break off each clove, cut off the ends and slit the skin the length of the clove. Next, get a fingernail or knife point under the skin at the cut and peel it off each clove. Slice each clove in half the long way and notice in the centre of each clove is a green core. The core is  bitter if left in, so pop it out before processing further.

Chop or smash with a knife, then coating with olive oil to delay oxidation. the garlic tasting fresh for several hours

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