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I love teaching people how to prepare fantastic seafood

I grew up with family and friends who did a lot of fishing off the California coast. Fish was abundant and cooking the catch on the boat, or at home, provided pleasant memories of eating moist, flavourful fish that have lasted a lifetime.

Whether catching it myself or buying for the restaurants I never fail to be thrilled by the sight, smell, and feel of fresh seafood. Buying, preparing, and serving well prepared seafood is personally satisfying, and as one who loves to eat great food fresh seafood has no rival. It is pure, it appeals to all my senses, and at the same time contributes to my good health.

Over the years I have been involved in opening over 25 restaurants and my role was always to take primary responsibility for the food. From creating menu's and kitchen systems to sourcing the food and teaching the cooks. My first guide to simple delicious seafood “The Fish Market Cook Book” was published in 2001, and has now been reprinted six times! It is also available as an E-Book on Amazon.

I want this blog to help you learn. Learn how to create the clean pure flavour and texture of high quality, well cooked seafood. Good luck.

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