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Fresh Flavourful Vegetables

So many people today take the “Organic label” in super markets to indicate what are the best vegetables you can buy, which is not necessarily true. When corporate farms grow they pick green, and store long before showing up in the market.


When vegetables and fruit are left to ripen “on the vine” that allows the time needed to develop the sugars intended, and then become sweet, well coloured, and great tasting.

The very best flavour is the result of growing Heirloom varieties in healthy soil and picking only when vine ripe. Big Agriculture selects plant varieties that work well for their system of early or green picking and gas aided ripening in the warehouse.


Flavour is secondary and growing “organic” does not change the system. Speciality farmers often choose to grow varieties that have been used for generations for great taste. Thats why it is worth supporting those farmers at weekly farmers markets or at their farm stands.

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