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Steaming enhances the natural flavors of any fish, especially a rich fish like Salmon. The bamboo steamers available at Chinese markets are inexpensive and do a great job. Find a steamer large enough to
cook your fish on their serving plates. By cooking on the serving plate you can serve the accumulated juices with the fish. These become a very important part of the dish as a thin sauce combining the
juices of the fish, and the fl avor of the spices.

Cooking times may not seem as critical for steaming as for other drier methods of cooking, however it is still quite possible to overcook fish in a steamer. Cooking time for a one inch thick fi let or steak will be about six minutes, while whole fish can take up to fifteen minutes to cook through.

At any point in the process you can still check the progress of the opaque color change by removing the lid of the steamer and separating a flake in the thickest part of the fish. You can leave the skin on the filet or steak to add flavour whenever practical, and remove it after cooking if desired.

Click HERE to try 'Ginger steamed salmon'


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