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Oven baking offers a simple way of cooking fish, and also allows you to join the dinnerparty instead of slaving over a hot stove. Temperature is easier to control but ovens produce a very dry form of heat, which is
potentially harsh on plain filets and steaks. It can however become very fish friendly by employing a few of these simple counter measures:

1). If you bake the fish wrapped in parchment paper the vaporised juices are recirculated within the sealed chamber for a moist exchange of flavor while cooking.

2). Accompany the fish with vegetables, herbs and some liquid in a lidded pan (oven braising). The finished dish will include a broth capturing the essence of the ingredients combined with the moist baked fish. For vegetables that need to be cooked longer, put the fish in at the end to have well cooked vegetables and properly cooked fish.

3). Using a very low oven slows the cooking process and yields a moist, supple piece of fish. Remember that fish is cooked and turns opaque at 145° F, therefore if the oven is set at only 200° F the center of a one inch thick filet of salmon will not reach 145° F for about forty five minutes.

4). Another approach is to top or cover the fish with a sauce that will melt and lubricate the fish during cooking, adding flavor and protecting the delicate fish at the same time.

Click HERE to try 'Fred's baked swordfish parmesan'

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