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The first thing to do when planning a chargrilled seafood dinner is select fish that is going to stand up to the rough handling necessary on the grill. The steaklike fish are best: Salmon, Swordfish, Shark, Yellowtail, or Tuna. Delicate fish are likely to fall apart or tear during grilling so if you
want to chargrill a more delicate fish try searing the fish in a lightly oiled
pan for about thirty seconds before placing on the grill.


Select a swordfish steak eight ounces (225 grams per serving).

Clean the grill with a wire brush to get it as smooth as possible and when heated wipe the surface with a towel dipped in vegetable oil. Repeat this process two or three times before cooking the fish, and
always wipe the grill with oil immediately before you place the fish.

Rub the surface of the fish with a little olive oil, and lightly salt and pepper. Place the lightly oiled fish on a hot oiled grill. Cook the first side a bit longer that halfway of the total cooking time. This allows the surface to toughen a bit, and color nicely.

To turn over use a cooking fork and spatula. The fork is placed under the fish to gently lift it free of the grill while you are easing the spatula under the fish to turn over. After turning sprinkle with Paprika (to hide any flaws) and brush with fine olive oil.

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